Tiger shortcut for word definitions (hidden feature)

If you have Tiger installed, hold your cursor over any word, anywhere. Then hold down [control]+[Apple]+[d]. After pressing those 3 keys, you’ll see a nifty little definition window pop up. You then can let up on those 3 keys and hold the cursor of any other word and the definition will change to the word that is under the cursor. (I am told that it doesn’t work in Firefox) I’d take and post a screenshot of what it looks like but I’m too lazy right now.


Do you hate the new look of OS X Tiger’s Mail.app?

Apple’s Mail.app version 2.0 is a drastic change from the previous version. I’m not totally sold on the new look. Here are some free applications that will hack the resources of mail.app so that it looks different.



Mail Fixer, looks like it’ll work with themes so users can create their own theme and share them with other users of the app.


if you come across other hacks for mail.app then post in the comments.


Bloc Party – Silent Alarms

album coverI wasn’t really very into this at first. Typical take-it-or-leave-it attitude I had with a lot of music. I give it some more spins a couple weeks later and two songs stood out. “Like Eating Glass”, great drums, and “This Modern Love”, which starts out sounding a lot like Interpol. After getting into these songs a bit the rest of the album started to sound better.

Similar feel to Franz Ferdinand… sounding heavily 80’s.


Interpol at the Warfield

So I went to see Interpol at the Warfield on Tuesday night. Great show! I was happy and a bit surprised to see them play “The Specialist” and “Roland”. I think they put on a great live show. Interesting to watch for the most part. Carlos and Daniel are about as active as you could expect anyone to be and still play well.

The lighting, while interesting, reminds me of the Apple iPod commercials. Everything in silhouette. I’d personally prefer a little more frontal lighting, at least at times, to see the band easier.

Sound-wise, to me, the guitars in the first couple of songs sounded muted… possibly lacking highend or “bite”. Whether it’s the mix, the sound they like or just me being weird I don’t know… but after seeing them 5 times I think I’ve always thought this.

One thing I must mention… What’s with the guys with moppy hair wearing sunglasses indoors??? Celebrities look like fools doing this and so do you. Who are these ‘Johnny Knuckleheads’? There is a story here about how our culture almost encourages this. Normal, everyday people, attempting to bring that image of importance on themselves, simply by wearing sunglasses when you aren’t outside in the sun.


iTunes control from ANYWHERE on your Mac.


This app is so incredible! I can’t believe that it’s been out for year now and I’ve just discovered it.

You can completely controll iTunes by using quick key combinations. It lets you play, pause, rate songs and more, using hotkeys you define via an intuitive Preference Pane plug-in.

It also show a nice brief, unobtrusive window overlay that shows info about the current playing song when the song starts, including album cover art if the song has the art info in its tag. You can control how long this window displays also.

On top of all of these great features, the app is COMPLETELY FREE!

I have recently been trying to get QuickSilver, another must have app, to do the same thing this app does but haven’t had any luck. Given, I’m not a QuickSilver expert. This is even better… free, easy install, quick setup, great interface, full featured.

The developer also offers other free apps as well.