Tame Impala

Tame Impala (which is really just Kevin Parker) has changed quite a bit since we first saw them play a sold out show at The Independent in 2010 on their first US tour for Innerspeaker.

Their follow up, Lonerism, followed the same psych rock style (which I also loved) but their 3rd release, Currents, was a disappointment to me. Yet it seems it was a change that brought many new fans onboard. Let It Happen is a great tune but the rest of the album it too cheesy for my taste.

Kevin has been working on a new album due out sometime this year and the tracks released so far continue the keyboard heavy pop.

Here is Solitude Is Bliss from Innerspeaker…

Dr. Dog

I first saw Dr. Dog when they opened for Ambulance LTD and Autolux at The Independent in 2005. Saw them again a couple times afterwards with bands like TV On The Radio and The Black Keys.