My Bloody Valentine Reissuing Some Albums On Vinyl

UK Shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine have announced that they are reissuing some of their past releases on vinyl.

The catch is they signed with Domino and the agreement only includes Isn’t Anything, Loveless, and MBV in the UK and only MBV in the US. “EP’s 1988-1991 & Rare Tracks” is available on CD only.

Warner Music Group retains the rights to all the back catalog except for MBV.

This is why you’re unable to find a US distributor for anything except MBV.

The reissues are available as standard vinyl (digitally sourced), deluxe vinyl (analogue sourced and more expensive), and all albums in a bundle deal. All 4 are available on CD.

Pre-orders for many have sold out but more are expected to be available. Subscribe to the My Bloody Valentine mailing list for updates.


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