Seattle Band Spirit Award Announces 3rd Album, Lunatic House

Seatle based Spirit Award have announced their 3rd LP, Lunatic House, and it’s up Bandcamp for pre-order now.

Available on Limited Edition gold vinyl (100 copies), black vinyl, cd, or digital.

The cover art was done by artist Joe Rudko. (

Lunatic House was in part a collaboration between Daniel and Producer Trevor Spencer (Fleet Foxes, Valley Maker) and Drummer/Engineer James Barone (Beach House, Tennis, Nathaniel Rateliff). The idea was to create a vibe through the record; aggressive, noisy, and pulsating.

“And while Lunatic House does resemble a haunted house of everyday horrors, there is a hope and light at the end of the hallway – a call to others to get active and motivated to make positive changes in themselves and in communities around them. While the band’s purpose is to make music, Daniel is very vocal and committed to helping social, racial and economic injustices. For this record, they have chosen to support the ACLU – an organization helping to fight for individual rights and liberties.”

In case you missed it, their debut, Neverending was one of my favorites of the year in 2017.


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