Highspire To Press Debut Your Everything On Vinyl For The First Time

Philadelphia Shoegazers Highspire are pressing their debut Your Everything on vinyl for the first time and it’s up for pre-order now.

“This release will mark the first time Highspire’s Your Everything has been put on wax. Your Everything is Highspire’s debut album and was originally released via Clairecords and Alison Records (Europe) nearly 20 years ago.

Highspire was one of the key active shoegaze bands during the “dark days” or now known as the shoegaze revivalist period that helped drag the genre into the 21st century. Along with label and/or tour mates such as Skywave, Malory, Airiel, Pia Fraus, Resplandor, the Emerald Down, Air Formation, Astrobrite, etc, the international shoegaze scene at the time was rather small and relied heavily on sites such as MP3.com and Myspace to connect with each other and audiences. When Your Everything was released it spent months atop the best-selling list of places such as tonevendor, which was THE go-to store for shoegaze releases at the time (even now).

Since its release, Your Everything has garnered a lot of praise, perhaps even having flown under the radar of the newer generation of fans of the scene in which it played a part in reviving. Soundsbetterwithreverb.com’s popular list of the “100 Greatest Shoegaze Albums” includes Your Everything as well as many essential guides on the internet, to even being featured in one of the few books (Japan) on shoegaze.

The album clocks in at over an hour and the preferred time of a side of wax is a max of 22 minutes making it clear that it needed to be on double vinyl to work. That left some time to fill. So included on this pressing are the tracks Believe and See the Lines from both editions of the CD pressings and added are the songs As the Crow Flies as well as a very new, old stock track (finished just for this release) titled Take Me Apart. This takes this 2x wax release to 16 songs, 4 tracks per side.

Also, a track reordering has been made to better keep the synergy of the music and keeping the release to 4 tracks per side. As such the 4 tracks with a slight trip-hop influence are consolidated to side 3 with the more guitar-heavy material making up the other sides.

And of course, a splatter wax that shares the aesthetic of the cover was chosen that befits a first pressing. In the event there is a repress, it would be black vinyl only.

So there you have it. After many years of inquiries on vinyl, it is now happening. Limited to 200 copies it is sure to become collectible quickly as some of Highspire’s CDs now go for some jaw-dropping prices on discogs and auction sites. There may not be stock left for wholesale, and we need the help of everyone who wants this album on wax to get to its presale goal so production can begin. Our friends at Digger’s Factory will be taking care of orders, production, and fulfillment, all information confidential with them. We are happy to share this with everyone interested as we want copies ourselves.

XO until the lights go down if not forever.”


Record 1

  1. until the lights go down
  2. believe
  3. skies you climb
  4. shattered
  1. .fade in a day
  2. glass in my mouth
  3. vesperbell
  4. see the lines

Record 2

  1. love me or leave me
  2. portsmouth
  3. sub-par life, a brilliant death
  4. no day like today
  1. flight / as the crow flies
  2. slowbeat
  3. take me apart
  4. turn for the worse

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