Is The Catherine Wheel Reuniting?

The Catherine Wheel

As many of you who followed the 90s British alternative rock scene know, many of the great bands from that era have reunited and released fantastic new music. (Ride, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine) Some have simply reunited for a weekend in order to, “rewrite their ending.” (Adorable)

There is one band, The Catherine Wheel, that many have been waiting for and a reunion has seemed less and less likely. They were unofficially ‘parked’ back in 2000.

Well, it seems like something might be fermenting.

Catherine Wheel's Brian Futter
Catherine Wheel’s Brian Futter

Five days ago, the Catherine Wheel facebook page posted a photo of Brian Futter, guitarist, sitting in an American bar with the caption, “Good to be back in the U.S.” (About a thousand people have ‘liked’ it, with hundreds commenting.)

I initially wrote it off as the page admin being cheeky or just prematurely posting something that had as much likelihood as a lottery ticket.

Catherine Wheel bassist Dave Hawes

Then this morning this photo of Dave Hawes, the original bassist, appeared with the caption, “Next stop L.A… 20 years in the making meeting up with Mr. Futter!”

So it appears that something indeed is happening, and I have it on good authority that it at least will be discussed. How much has already been discussed, agreed to, planned? That’s the question.

I think a short tour of about a half dozen dates is all that we can realistically hope for, primarily in the US because 2 of the 4 already live here. Singer/guitarist Rob Dickinson is in Los Angeles (he performed live in May of this year) and Dave Hawes lives in Ohio. Neil Sims, drummer, is an executive in the oil industry and I would be surprised if he joins. I imagine they’d find a replacement drummer but you never know.

I think new music is a long shot. I would be shocked if they had much desire to go back and reproduce the sound and style from their first two albums, Ferment and Chrome, which were well received and are most often referenced when referring to the band.

My most realistic yet unlikely request would be for a new vinyl b-side compilation that includes all of their amazing 30 or so b-sides, in original form, with a couple of unreleased tracks thrown in. However, this would take up 3 or more records and the cost wouldn’t be cheap. How many people would be interested?

Here is an example of some b-sides that were released on various singles and EPs but were not includes on the Like Cats & Dogs compilation.


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