Bob Mould Shares New SIngle, Lost Faith

In only one week, Bob Mould returns with an entirely new catalogue of music on his full-length album Sunshine Rock, available February 8th via Merge Records. The record features the recently released tracks ‘What Do You Want Me To Do‘ and title-track ‘Sunshine Rock‘. Today, Mould shares his latest single ‘Lost Faith‘: a socially conscious song that sheds light on the mental friction caused from a mixture of facts, fiction, and biased opinions dispersed in the media.

Mould explains of the ‘Lost Faith’ concept:

“The video follows the protagonist who is trying to find solace and anonymity in an increasingly corrupt world filled with paranoia and misinformation. We see him being questioned about his real intent, apprehended by a fictitious yet familiar looking border security, then interrogated about the life he left behind. 

Shot in Berlin, the video switches into dream sequences filled with chases, captures, and escapes. There’s a mosh pit of half-naked dancers, an accordionist in a church square, and the climax being a wild pursuit through the surrealistic ruins of a decommissioned CIA listening station.”

While the Sunshine Rock album has been hailed thus far as Mould’s most radiant and optimistic to date, ‘Lost Faith’ adds a dose of commentary on a worldwide crisis. However, with a bit of Euro-inspired flavour, viewers will find a comedic twist in the video’s series of events. In fact, many European pop music videos of the same style use authoritarian figures, chase scenes, and dancing during the chorus of the song as storytelling devices. Audiences are likely to notice a correlation in ‘Lost Faith’ between the use of ice cream in the video and the fact that “EIS“ is German for “ice.”

Mould adds with a touch of wit, “It’s just an average day in a European pop music video. Grab a scoop of ice cream and enjoy the show!”

The treatment for the video was created by Mould himself, with cinematography and editing by Mario Bergmann. Direction and cinematography by Philipp Virus of Virus Films GbR, who has worked with such bands as Atari Teenage Riot, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop, and whose work has been showcased at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Both parties also worked on the recent docu-video Berlin that Mould shared to give fans a peek at his life in Berlin, where he has spent the last three years of his life and where he found much inspiration for this new record.

In addition to ‘Lost Faith’, Mould is announcing a special collaboration with the handcrafted clothing company JCRT. Known as the “master of the plaidverse,” their selection meshes the subcultural and sartorial. Co-founded by visionary creatives and award winning designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, the brand is an intersection of cutting-edge digital technology and the rich legacy of analog craftsmanship. JCRT are longtime Mould fans and for his limited edition shirt, they’ve created a plaid flannel inspired by the bold graphic colour and layout of Sunshine Rock that also emulates the power and energy of his live shows.


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