Kasabian – ’48:13′

Kasabian seems to be one of those bands that you sometimes find certain people making fun of. “They only had one good album.” I do disagree but do think each progressive release has been weaker. Here are their albums, listed in order of release, and the tracks I think are worth adding to any music library.

Kasabian (self titled) [2004]
Club Foot
Processed Beats
Reason Is Treason
Butcher Blues

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum [2009]

Empire [2010]
Shoot The Runner
By My Side

Velociraptor! [2011]
Days Are Forgotten

Now with Kasabian’s latest album, ’48:13′, I don’t hear a single song that makes me want to go back to it. It all seems incredibly forgettable, led by opening track “Bumbleee” and its predictable lyrics:

“Gettin’ a message… A message for me
I’m caught up in love, and I’m in ecstasy
What can I do now, when nothing’s the same?
And all that i know, I wanna do it again
Life is so simple when you are with me
‘Cause when we’re together, I’m in ecstasy”

A couple tracks might be “ok”, such as ‘Stevie’, but they won’t get more than a random play from me via shuffle mode and sure won’t do anything to dispel the bands haters.


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