Brace/Choir is a trancerock quartet founded in Berlin, Germany in 2006. Musically, the band channels a dark, minimalist psychedelia to resurrect such classic themes as death, birth, rebirth, heartbreak, multiple personality disorder, and identity theft.

Brace/Choir communicates in an ur-language of rock and roll, taking turns singing the alternately mantra-like and narrative texts. Band members often switch instruments with each song (both live and in the studio), allowing each instrument to speak with a different voice. Their shadowy and ecstatic rhythm and blues is continuously recast over shifting organ drones and is reminiscent of such diverse bands as Bongwater, The Replacements, and Faust.

The band released their debut LP, Turning on Your Double, February 2014 on Hamburg’s Tapete Records. Their debut self-released EP has been dubbed “fucking amazing“ by Kramer (former Shimmy Disc/Noise New York).


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