See how little musicians are making from streaming services has an article displaying just how much little musicians are making from streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

Musicians have posted pictures of checks they are receiving for as little as .01¢.

Cracker’s 1993 alternative hit “Low” has been streamed over 1.1 million times. Their payment: $16.89.

.01¢ is quite ridiculous. I could send you to Amazon to buy a recommended album, such as Cracker’s 1993 album Kerosene Hat and I’d make around .40¢ just for the referral. Or send you to Amazon to peruse the nice vinyl specific page or the “free Alternative Rock albums page” and probably make a nickel if you bought something as small as a .99¢ mp3.

The music industry is indeed broken. With the huge majority of musicians making nothing, and with streaming services like Spotify bleeding money, who is doing well? Spotify’s founder Daniel Ek?

Artists need a much better and automated way of reaching their fans, and reaching potential fans, without being overwhelming and annoying. This would increase album sales, increase concert attendance, and just their general fanbase. I have a pretty good idea how this can be done and no one is currently doing it.


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