How much do live gigs pay bands?

SFWeekly has an article on how much bands make these days.

“Perhaps, while standing inside a club, sipping a beer, and staring up at the stage, you’ve wondered: What is that band making for this show? You know you paid $15 (or $25, or $40) to get in, but how much will the band see at the end of the night? Here in San Francisco, where a decent burrito costs $8, and a month of rent for a decent apartment runs at least 200 times that, how much does a live gig pay?

The answer: It depends.”

“Robbie Kowal, who runs Sunset Promotions and has been putting on big and small shows in San Francisco for 20 years, has a rule of thumb for figuring out what a headlining act’s gross pay should be: Ticket price times venue size divided in half. For a sold-out show, that’s a rough but consistent way of calculating what an act will make regardless of where it’s playing.”


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