Cold War Kids – “Dear Miss Lonely Hearts”

Cold War Kids have released their 4th studio album, “Dear Miss Lonely Hearts”. (April 2, 2013) I don’t seem to have the same immediate attraction to it, as say their 2006 debut “Robbers & Cowards”, and some comparisons of it to The Killers may hint at why. (Not that I necessarily agree with those comparisons)

The opening track, “Miracle Mile”, is quite good and will stay in my immediate rotation.

I can’t help but notice interesting, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, similarities in other tracks. I’m not suggesting these are ‘rip offs’ or even remotely intentional, only that I am reminded of other tracks when I hear these songs. What do you think?

(5) “Tuxedos” (John Lennon’s “Nobody Told Me”)

(6) “Bottled Affection” (Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Wishing Well”)

(10) “Bitter Poem” (George Michael’s “One More Try”)


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