The Veils new album, “Time Stays, We Go”, due on 4/23

I see around 20 shows a year on average. The Veils show on July 13, 2009 at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco was one of my top 3 shows of the year that year. Their 2009 release, Sun Gangs, was one of my favorite albums of the year too.

A lot of bands can stand on stage and play with energy or replicate the album but something about The Veils was more than that. A friend of mine who went, who lives in East Bay and usually leaves shows a few songs early to get home for a decent nights sleep now that he has a wife and kids, stayed through to the end.

The Veils new album, “Time Stays, We Go”, is due out on April 23. Here is a live clip from Abbey Roads studios of what to expect.

The Veils will be playing at The Independent on 4/24, the day after their album drops. It should be a great show!

You can pre-order the album and download a free track now from here.


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