Joy Division and New Order’s Peter Hook & Bernard Sumner air their dirty laundry

Spinner interview with Bernard Sumner

Bernard Sumner –
“I don’t want to slag Hooky off, but I just want to right some of the wrongs that he’s been saying about us, and [sigh] this kind of split attitude where one minute he’s slagging us off and — how it’s all been.

I hope there’ll be a détente at some point.

We’ve tried it. But whatever he says in public, he’s not like that in private. Believe me.”

Rolling Stone interview with Peter Hook

Peter Hook –
“I suppose I should be complimented by the way Bernard is still having these massive personal attacks on me like in the way he had in Spinner, accusing me of refusing to work on the New Order record, Waiting for the Siren’s Call, because I was off DJing. Barney used to do everything on his own anyway. They wouldn’t wait for me. He’s completely mistaken. That isn’t true. They’ve never waited for me since [the 1986 single] “Bizarre Love Triangle.” But I suppose I should be flattered after having New Order back for a year, earning fucking millions, and getting everything that they wanted back – that they still have to have a stinging personal attack on you every time he has an interview. Maybe he’s missing me, do you think?”

Peter Hook is doing a book promo tour now and will be interviewed tonight at San Francisco’s Jewish Community Center. The live stream is available here. Live stream was unavailable. I’ll provide the full audio soon.


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