My Bloody Valentine album will be released in ‘two to three days’

My Bloody Valentine has finished recording and mixing the new album and it should be out in, “two to three days” according to Kevin Shields, though this is more likely a joke response to a fan at a live show.

From a warm up show in Brixton, a fan tweeted, “Kevin Shields has just told the crowd at an MBV warm-up show to expect a new My Bloody Valentine album in “two to three days.”

Here is a very mumbly live version of a track, apparently called Rough Song per the set list, that they performed live at the Electric Brixton during a warm up gig for the upcoming Japan tour. Don’t expect too much… remember that it’s live and the audio quality is poor. It’ll give you a good idea of the beat, from the incredibly loud drums, and the general melody.

(audio removed)


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