Ex Cops ‘True Hallucinations’ album out tomorrow

We’re 3 weeks into the new year of 2013 and I know what one of my favorite albums will be. I’ve spun through the new Ex Cops record “True Hallucinations”, release date 1/22, and it’s full of great pop melodies.

Be prepared to hit ‘repeat’ a lot because most of the songs clock in between two to four minutes.

The album starts out with a 1:49 long intro called ‘S&HSXX’ which instantly reminds me of Genesis’ “Mama”, it’s probably sampling the drums. Tracks 2 through 8 are very good and remind me a lot of bands like Stars or Spiritualized (“Jazz & Information”). The last few tracks seem to be borderline filler or ‘works in progress’ but there are 7 real good pop tunes here.

recommended if you like: Stars, Spiritualized, Magnetic Fields, The Raveonettes

Ex Cops are opening for Bleached at The Independent in San Francisco on May 5th.

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