Apple planning to launch online radio service by early next year

“Apple and major music labels have intensified negotiations to start an advertising-supported Internet radio service by early next year, according to people with knowledge of the talks.”

I’m curious to see what Apple comes out with but doubt that I’ll be crazy about it. There are many music services and every one has their list of pros and cons and no one is really knocking it out of the park.

The inability to listen to a complete album on Pandora is huge plus their limited music offerings. I’m not even happy with what they recommend and that’s supposed to be their strong point.

Rdio and Spotify are both decent but a ways off. The recommendation engines are either luck luster or nonexistent. That’s just one of many things. If Apple can tie this in with their Genius data then they may have a chance.

Non-targeted advertising will probably persist with Apple as well. They’ll force me to listen to some new ‘sponsored’ hip hop song when I’ve never played a hip hop song on the service to begin with. What makes them, or the sponsor, think that’s a working ad model?


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