Vancouver shoegaze outfit Mystery Machine to release first album in 14 years

mystery machine - western magneticsVancouver’s Mystery Machine is releasing their first album since 1998’s  Headfirst Into Everything this September 11th.  The album is titled Western Magnetics and they are having a release party on October 13th.  (info here)

First, the back story from a handful of exchanges I’ve had with frontman Luke Rogalsky over the past 6 years.


10/31/2006 update:

“We played a couple of shows back in 2004, but have just been writing (sporadically) since then. We plan on playing live again early in 2007, just a show or two in Vancouver at this point.” 


3/17/2007 update:

Luke was kind enough to send me two new songs .  These were posted online for a while but I eventually took them down (see below).

“Although the songs are ‘just’ demos we recorded in my living room, feel free to post or share them wherever you like. We had a crapload of sketches on hard drive and a few managed to develop enough to start sounding interesting. Anyway, no one’s heard any of it outside of our close friends… 

As far as mm news, well, nothing really too much to report. We’re all leading pretty busy lives outside the band (Bean has three kids now!), but we intend to just keep writing and recording to amuse ourselves and anyone else who might be interested. We would like to play at least a couple of live shows in Vancouver this year, just not sure where or when exactly.” 


5/13/2009 update:

We had our first practice in years last night. We’re planning on playing Glazed front to back at one or two shows this summer, maybe more if it feels good. Lots of laughs relearning our old shit. 


6/23/2009 update:

“We’ve had three or four rehearsals recently and are planning shows for late-summer – no firm dates yet but they’re coming. The plan is to play our first record Glazed in sequence. then a grab bag (tickle trunk?) of other tunes. Practice sounds great, gtrs are smashed and blazing. Can’t wait.”


Then around 2010 I was given all 6 songs that they were shopping around.  I sat on these and waited patiently to share them with you hoping that they’d be made public.  I didn’t really hear much more from Luke and I didn’t pressure him for any details.

Then this week, 2 years later, I finally got word that Mystery Machine is releasing not just a new EP but a full length album.  They’ve recorded 4 new songs and added these to the 6 EP tracks.   Sonic Unyon will be releasing it on September 11th.

I’ve heard it and it’s good.  It sounds like what you’d expect from them, even after all this time.  Hints of Ride, early Swervedriver and a couple tracks that even remind me of Brian Futter’s (Catherine Wheel’s guitarist) post Catherine Wheel project ’50 ft Monster’ with its more hushed vocals.


Western Magnetics:

1. Pronto
2. Japanese-Dads
3. Runways
4. Octagon Skylight
5. Floatist
6. We Won’t Return
7. House on Fire
8. Snow
9. Bullshit Patrol
10. Northern Analog


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