Listen to the My Bloody Valentine 2012 remasters of Loveless here

“If I’ve learned one thing about myself, it’s that I’m 100% incapable of knowing when things will happen,” he told Mojo magazine. “I listened to the stacks of CDs [from the band’s mooted third album] and thought: ‘Shit, this is better than the unreleased tracks on the [EPs] compilation. I decided it would be insane not to finish it.”

Shields is now working to finish that third LP, comprising nine songs, for release in 2012. Once he’s done with that, Mojo reports, he wants to make an original My Bloody Valentine EP, “recorded and released in as short a time as possible”.

“The myth is that I’m someone who really overworks things but I’m not like that at all,” he said. “It’s just about recording when you feel good and capturing something as quickly as possible.”


05/08/2012 Notes:

Apparently Sony has inadvertently swapped the disc and/or misprinted the labels. Disc 1 should be the 1/2″ analogue master and disc 2 is the original master. They’ve missed a couple of audio glitches as well. Read this post at The Power of Independent Trucking for more info.

More details about the Loveless remaster on Pitchfork.

Kevin Shields interviewed by The Quietus on the new MBV album. Current expected release is 2012.


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