Battleships – In Retrospect

Every now and then, a band comes along with the sounds of something fresh and promising. Sydney band Battleships fits right into this category. Formed in early 2011, they spent most of the year writing, rehearsing and recording new material. Although only having played a handful of shows together as Battleships, they are already garnering admiration for their new single ‘In Retrospect’. Jimmy2sox of Flight Facilities says of the song, “I haven’t heard a song like ‘In Retrospect’ for a long time. It’s a perfect mix of genius musicality and subtle hooks that leave a memorable aftertaste, which ensures a second listen.”

The band sets out to record as many of their rehearsals as possible, and ‘In Retrospect’ was birthed out of one of these many sessions. Battleships recorded, mixed and produced ‘In Retrospect’ themselves in a 100-year-old hall, adding a touch of vintage flavour. They then had it mastered in Sydney’s Level 7 Studios by the renowned Don Bartley (The Vines, Metallica, Silverchair, The Living End).

Battleships’ music tips it hat to the differing influences of the band’s individual members, blending indie rock sensibilities with the aesthetics of Post-Britpop, to create a sound entirely their own. They set out to create music that they enjoy playing, something that they themselves would listen to…and hopefully, something that you would listen to too.



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