Spotify’s Daniel Ek: “The Most Important Man In Music” has a long article on Spotify’s Daniel Ek.

“Next week (this week) he’s scheduled to return to New York to unveil Spotify’s new platform in front of his first-ever press conference—a platform that he admits still isn’t ready for a public debut.”

I’m been playing with the Spotify app beta for a while now and there isn’t much there. If you don’t know much about music and don’t have time or the desire to find new music there are playlist by popular sources. (Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, The Guardian, Fuse) Also one app that somewhat mimics, called Soundrop, although it’s far from perfect and suffers the same problem top 40 radio stations suffer from… repetition and lack of depth. You can’t ‘thumb down’ songs and lots of bands get played to death.

Will they unveil something for the more experienced and adventurous music fan?


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