Google Music

[fastcompany – google music geeks try to show they love music more than algorithms]

It’ll be interesting to check out at least.  I’m sure Google has the talent and cash to give this a serious run but the execution is pretty important.  There is a fine line between being too simple for the masses, who only have 500 songs total, and the small percentage who have 50,000 songs.  Suggesting music for the former is easy… for the latter, not so much.

I like Spotify and use it from time to time but it doesn’t yet ‘wow’ me.  I’ve yet to find a service that does. Pandora’s suggestions for me are too repetitive or just wrong., Slacker, Mog, Rdio… they all are trying but seem to be missing something that’ll push them past the competition and to the mountain top with their current iterations.

I’ve had ideas for my dream music product for years and don’t see the space changing all that much to really incorporate all the bits that would make it off-the-charts engaging. Maybe all the music tech companies are taking the Netflix approach and dumbing down the GUI to not confuse the average consumer. Maybe “dumbing down” is the wrong description… ‘incredibly simplified’ may be more appropriate. There are ways around this though.

Maybe I’m just like the Jack Black character Barry?  I did read High Fidelity when it came out in ’95.  It was suggested to me by another obsessed music fan on an old listserve for an under-appreciated British band.


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