Jawbone Jambox, a nifty, portable, wireless speaker for your iPhone or other bluetooth device

Jawbone JAMBOX (Black Diamond)

I decided to try out this highly rated bluetooth speaker for my iPad and iPhone and was shocked at its ease of use, sound quality, small footprint, portability and long battery life. I liked the choice of colors which makes these small speakers standout and easy to spot. When I first opened the package, I was pleased that the company included several high quality cords including both short and long micro USB cords for recharging and computer synching, charge adapter, and a tangle-free audio cord for non-bluetooth sources. You can create an account on the Jawbone MyTALK site to download voice profiles and apps. In pairing mode, it easily connected with my iPad and iPhone. I tested the iPad first with Netflix, Pandora, Hulu+, Air Video Server, and iTunes.

Jawbone JamboxConsidering that the speaker is only the size of 2 stacked Wii controllers, the sound was surprisingly strong, clear, full-bodied, and free of hisses or pops that I have experienced with other bluetooth speakers and maintained the bluetooth connection without a single drop.

I ran Pandora and tested the speakerphone function which worked nicely. You can program a quickdial number that can be immediately dialed by pushing the round button on the top when paired with a phone. You can download apps for voice commands which I didn’t try since I rarely ever use, but the transmission and receiving sound quality is quite good.

There’s no need to bring any cords which is the real advantage of using this speaker for true convenient portability. A full day with great tunes and the speaker lasted the entire day using only 50% of the battery life.

I researched all of the bluetooth speakers currently available, and this stands out by far. The Bose Soundwave is grossly overpriced, as is all Bose products, and you’ll be pleased by the quality of sound this little sucker puts out. It’s not audiophile quality but nothing is that is this size, including anything by Bose or Monster.

Jawbox has released a 2.1 firmware update to introduce LiveAudio, quoted from their website:

“JAMBOX is the only speaker in the world that gets smarter every time you plug it in. Just sync it with MyTALK, Jawbone’s industry-first online platform to download apps, software upgrades, and the latest features – including LiveAudio™, an immersive three-dimensional listening experience. Jambox’s integrated intelligence allows you to personalize it to your specific preferences. No other speaker on the planet is intelligent and updateable – but then again, nothing else is quite like JAMBOX.”

“This immersive, three-dimensional listening experience brings incredible depth, detail, and unprecedented spatial realism to everything from mp3s to special binaural recordings. It’s like hearing your favorite music and audio content for the first time — the way it was meant to be heard.”

While “meant to be heard” is OBVIOUS marketing fluff (as is the same statement by Monster and their terrible ‘Beats by Dre’ line, “as the artist intended”) LiveAudio at least is a feature you can disable.

Jawbone JAMBOX (Black Diamond)


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