The Big Takeover’s Jack Rabid (new issue 68 is out now)

I’ve been a big proponent of The Big Takeover for years. Here is a lovely video of Jack, the founder/owner/editor talking about the magazine. If you’re into punk, post-punk, shoegaze, british rock, british pop, new wave or indie rock then this will be the best $20 you’ll spend for a 2 year music magazine subscription.

Good news! Big Takeover #68 Spring 2011 issue with Brooklyn’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on the cover, Best Coast, and concluding part twos of our awesome Teenage Fanclub & Iggy Pop of Iggy & the Stooges (part 2) interviews, as well as fabulous history interviews of The Left Banke, Buffalo Tom, Motorhead’s Lemmy, Wanda Jackson, R.E.M., and the recently reunited Swans is out on the stands! A full description of its contents, including several juicy sample quotes, is just below!”

Remember, we only come our twice a year, every Spring and Fall, so you don’t want to miss one of our jam-packed 184-page issues!


The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (cover)
“I like that idea–that every band grew up liking some other band and wanted to be another band, and then they got it wrong, and made a new thing or just became their own thing. It’s very reassuring to know The Ramones grew up wanting to be something other than The Ramones, and then turned into The Ramones–just because of who they were, and how they played music. It became their own sound.”

Best Coast’s Bethany Costentino
“To be completely honest, I don’t even smoke that much weed! I did, but I pulled back on that. Yet I can never lose the “weed girl” image. I’m always going to have the ‘weed cat girl’ thing for the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter if I say I hate cats and I hate weed.”

Teenage Fanclub, part II
Gerry: “I think when we used to go on tour all the time, for 10 years, it was harder [to get along]. I think we tour just long enough now!” Raymond: “It’s like we committed some crime and were sentenced to go on tour for 10 years.” [Loud laughter.]

Motorhead’s Lemmy
“Having grown up, and learned about religions, I think it’s just an excuse for crowd control. It’s just another government, isn’t it, really? And all the different ways to worship the same geezer; what’s the [expletive] point? Catholics and Protestants have been at each others’ throats for hundreds of years–and some of the worst [expletive] excesses and murders and tortures–for what? For what? What do you got to show for it? A bunch of dead people who went to their deaths screaming.”

’60s greats The Left Banke
“The Rolling Stones were staying at The City Squire [in the mid-’60s], and I was walking up to get the subway to go down to the Village. And I saw all these girls screaming their heads off, running down the street. I had hair almost down to my shoulders, so I ducked into this doorway, and there in the doorway was [singer] Steve Martin standing there, whom I didn’t know. And all these girls ran by screaming, and they looked at me for a second, and they thought that I was one of them [the Stones]. Then the Stones pulled up in a limo and the girls screamed and ran over there. And I said to Steve, ‘Hey, isn’t that a great way to make a living?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, it sure is, man!’ And that’s how we met!”

Iggy Pop (Iggy & the Stooges, part II)
“The rock star of today is a politician, and the worst thing he can do is say something he really means. That’s how it is, dude! I would just say whatever I meant.”

’50s star Wanda Jackson
“I don’t see that much change in the kids. What’s cute today is the girls and guys that wear the vintage clothes, drive the classic cars–it keeps me feelin’ like a teenager. The only difference is there’ll be a girl with a cute little dress with crinoline skirts and a ponytail, and then she’s got tattoos all over her arms and a stapler thing in her tongue! [Laughs.] That wasn’t part of our look, but that’s this generation’s, I guess.”

The Swans’ Mike Gira
“Most thinking, feeling human beings–we seek something bigger than ourselves, and we seek to lose ourselves in something. That can have awful consequences, in fascism, for instance, or in fundamentalist religion. Or it can have beautiful effects, as well–as in beautiful, transcendent music, or in long, slow, beautiful sexual acts. Having been raised in the womb of the mid-to-late ’60s, taking LSD all the time, one kind of gets addicted to the idea of reaching these high places.”

[On friends Mark Linkous and Vic Chesnutt’s deaths:] “You know, suicide… it touches every single person who knew them. And there’s always, ‘You didn’t kill yourself 10 years ago, so why did you do it today?’ And Alex Chilton too–he’s been huge musically to me, but we’d never been great friends, although I saw him in New Orleans like two months before he died. That’s what a lot of the [new] record–we’re at a positive place with the band, and it just felt that this could be dealt with, and that you live with it.”

Buffalo Tom
“Being on SST was in and of itself a reason to listen. They played a kind of gatekeeper function. Now that function is relegated to Stereogum or Brooklyn Vegan . They’re probably way more important than even Rolling Stone was, or Spin. The question I’m left with is just that there’s so much stuff [now]. It’s like everybody’s got a voice, and it’s democratized, and it’s great. But it’s also hard to really try to weed through it all. Like the difference between Deerhoof and Deer Tick, and Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear …” [Laughs.]

Darker My Love
“Seeing as ‘shoegaze’ [more or less their mid ’00s style] is mainstream music now, I’m very happy to have made a stripped-down roots record without that very popular reverb-drenched sound. And you can pull quote me on this. Because it’s true.”

Other Interviews

The Residents * Mogwai * The Mountain Goats * Sir Bob Geldof * Sharon Van Etten * Asobi Seksu * Doleful Lions * Captured Tracks Records


Rabid: In Defense of Government * Polk : What’s Left of the Dial; the KUSF Debacle * Villanueva : Analog Will Never Die and Other Musings * Sommer: Cranky and Hopefully Incisive New York Hardcore Scene Memories

Live Reviews

Belle & Sebastian * The Clean * The Decemberists * Depreciation Guild (farewell gig) * Mitch Easter * exlovers * Gang of Four * Guided by Voices (and Doug Gillard) * Joy Formidable * Killing Joke * The Parties * The Posies * Superchunk and Let’s Wrestle

Hundreds of CD Reviews

Richard Ashcroft * Corin Ashley * Bambi Kino * Berlin Brats * Black Francis * Maggie Bjorklund * Bright Eyes * David Byrne * Exene Cervenka * Ray Charles * Cheifs * Citizen Fish * Eric Clapton * Leonard Cohen * Edwyn Collins * John Coltrane * Crystal Stilts * Death Cab For Cutie * The Disciplines * Dum Dum Girls * Eleventh Dream Day * The Feelies * For Against * Golden Bloom * Bill Hicks * Hotels * Husband & Wife * Idaho * Iron & Wine * Jayhawks * Jonny * Low * J Mascis * Alison Moorer * Off! * Elvis Presley * Radiohead * Paul Revere & the Raiders * Haroula Rose * Robert Scott * Secret Shine * Sloan * Social Distortion * Simon & Garfunkel * Elliott Smith * Patti Smith book * TV Smith * Jon Spencer Blues Explosion * Poly Styrene * Tindersticks * Mike Watt * Wild Nothing * Phil Wilson * Wipers * Wire * Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 * Yardbirds * and more!!

Hope you all order it from us, or buy it on the shelves now it’s out! And/or hope you subscribe, as that is still by far the best way to support the print magazines you love if you want them to keep going. It means a lot to them!

And hope you can share the gift of reading with your friends!

Jack R


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