Juliana Hatfield is recording a new album, support her and get sneak peaks here


via Juliana Hatfield:

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining me here on my new PledgeMusic project page. I invite you to participate in the making of my new album. You are the modern Medicis and I need your help to make this happen. Your pledge for any of the items and experiences I am offering will directly support the recording, production, packaging, and marketing of my new album.

I am aiming for a double album but if I don’t reach that ambitious goal, at the very least you’ll get twelve brand new songs. If you participate, you’ll receive your pledge item and you’ll also gain access to my private updates page, where I’ll be posting exclusive videos, mp3’s, photos, and musings.

It’ll be like a private journal documenting, in real time, the making of my new electric band thing.

For a minimum of $10 you get access to all exclusive behind the scenes videos and images and it includes a digital download of the finished album. The picture above is from one of the videos she uploaded.

You can follow her on twitter here.


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