Twitter IndieSongADay year end contest, win a $20 gift certificate for

I have selected 1 song to post as the @indiesongaday for the last day of 2010. (12/31) The first person to correctly tweet/guess it before 12/31 will win a $20 gift certificate at If no one correctly guesses then I’ll award the prize to one person at random who guessed incorrectly and follows @indiesongaday. The song selected on 12/31 will be a known song that either was popular at one time or is popular now but falls within the @indiesongaday context for style/genre.

Just tweet:

@indiesongaday band name – song title

and make sure you follow @indiesongaday to enter. If you run out of allowed characters, you can abbreviate the song title.

This is for fun and by entering this contest you are agreeing that my decision is final. :) You may guess as many times as you’d like between now and the end of the contest but you’ll only get one entry in the random drawing if no one wins.

Entry deadline is 12/30/2010 11:59:59 PM PST

by the way, there will be clues starting this Monday, 12/20/2010.

Clue #1: Chapel Club – “Surfacing”

here is a non-live version

Clue #2: Lunar Youth – “Nighttime Diamond”

Clue #3: Jesus and Mary Chain – “Head On”

Clue #4: The Catherine Wheel – “Ursa Major Space Station”

The Catherine Wheel – “Ursa Major Space Station”

Clue #5 (final clue): Ministry – “Space Truckin”

Answer: The Church – “Under The Milky Way”

Congrats to @jamesmerrifield for correctly guessing!


2 thoughts on “Twitter IndieSongADay year end contest, win a $20 gift certificate for”

  1. I know it’s way old, but all these songs brought me to “Under the milky way” by the church

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