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This is a rough translation of the DarkVoice headphone pre-amp Chinese ‘manual’. The instructions don’t really give you much information worth worrying about anyway. This mostly may help you with some of the specs. I even had a friend, who was born in China and speaks fluent Mandarin, read over the document that comes with the Darkvoice and compare it with the translated version and it still came across as odd sounding as what you’ll read below.

I am not responsible for any damage you do to yourself or to anything else.

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DarkVoice series all-tube headphone amplifier

Read this document before using this device and retained for future reference.


Designer Words:

The designer’s design of audio equipment is like a cook cooking.

In fact, I think the cleverness of the Sichuan chef lies in using the most common ingredients to make one of China’s most famous dishes.

This view is exactly the same as that of the Japanese audio master, Nasu. Good men think that the audio design is not a pile of luxury parts, but should be from the circuit itself, starting from the characteristics of the components, using ordinary components to make a good sound.

So many of my friends did not see the use of unpopular. In fact, in our opinion, the components, as long as it is in line with the IEC standard, that is, qualified components, you can make good things. Complement and not complement. Is dialectical and should not be the only ideal “In other words, people who are fit and healthy are not going to make up, but what we mean is not that we can use some components casually, but we must understand the characteristics of each component and the way we use it. This is what the chef cooks. Take the output capacitance of the 336 model for example, we have tried dozens of species, and their mutual match, and finally selected the best effect is the appearance of crude, we have not estimated of the products of a notorious factory whose sound quality is better than WIMA capacitors does not mean that WIMA is not good. Not that WIMA is not good, just use the effect here is less than that capacitance.

This example has been passed in many aspects of our circuit experiments and noise abatement.

Simply put, we just do the circuit experiment on the use of nearly a year and a half, once again confirmed that the sound design is a scientific twinning instead of metaphysics and science is something not to the slightest false.

From our circuit structure, it should be said is very simple. However, the simple circuit does not mean easy success. The circuit structure we use is completely based on the characteristics of the tube after a large number of experiments due to the use of direct coupling circuit, the operating point. The adjustment in the experimental phase is a very daunting task. Because the whole straight for the work of the coupling circuit is a lead move the whole body, and each parameter changes must be from start to finish to adjust all the time. After adjustment, there are all the parameters are readily available, you do not think it is remarkable, but we think in the process of adjustment “KNOW HOW”, is the most valuable, we Chinese people the most disrespectful is This “KNOW HOW”, but willing to emphasize what I use tonic elements, emphasizing these things for the promotion of the value of the product, not to pay attention to manufacturers for product development, technology grasp ability, so our direction is to the spirit of science, rich practical experience, a large number of experimental serious and responsible attitude, go down to develop enthusiasts satisfied with the product.

Production Process Profile:

Production process to ensure that the DarkVoice quality products Pure quality voice tube earphone amplifier internal main circuit connection with 1mm silver-plated or gold-plated copper wire manual scaffolding welding and each DarkVoice product quality sound and calibration by Chengdu Jinniu Square audio and video studio founder Mr. Zhang Qiang personally completed. Each DarkVoice product has a serial number and comes with a year warranty and lifetime maintenance and consulting services.

After Sales Service:

DarkVoice service products to comply with all the provisions of national product after-sales service. Warranty period of one year (in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, please protect the machine seals and the number of users).


Matters needing user attention the first time using the machine. Do not plug the headset in until you check the power and check the tube, without exception. the previous Vice cheap headphones audition, confirm the normal back of the machine can be inserted into the normal high-end headphones listening. DarkVoice series products cannot be used in humid environments. Machine without any user can repair part of the female case of failure, please contact the dealer or the Studio, DarkVoice products when using an open design for the tube will have a high temperature, beware of scalding.

Tube Suggestions: (buy replacement tubes here)

Users can replace the included foreign tubes to enhance the quality and tone of the device, 336SE tube 6N8P foreign models 6SN7 Direct replacement, 6N5P available foreign models 6080 or 6AS7 direct replacement. For tube changes, headphones cannot be plugged in until the device is working properly. (I think what they are saying here is to unplug your headphones and unplug the power before changing tubes. Check the functionality of the pre-amp with the new tubes before plugging any headphone in.)

Model: 336SE

Design Profile:

This model using 1 level double-transistor 6N8P for the left and right channel to increase low resistance double transistor 6N5P for the cathode output. Left and right channel share a supply.


Drive Impedance Range: 32 ~ 600 Ω
Frequency Response: 10 Hz ~ 30 kHz (-1dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100db
Output Power: >2W
Exchange of Power: 220V / 50Hz

DarkVoice headphone pre-amp instruction manual - English
DarkVoice headphone pre-amp instruction manual – English

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  1. how long should i play the dark voice before i turn it off to cool the tubes

  2. I don’t think there are any special considerations. I always just turn it off when I’m finished listening.

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