jailbox - one for each of us“One For Each Of Us”, is the name of the debut album from Jailbox, a new 4 piece band out of Perryville, Missouri. They just released their debut 13 track album which was fully recorded and produced in Samuel Schenck’s bedroom throughout 2009 and 2010.

Cody from Jailbox says in our brief chat:

“My brother, myself, and Andy have been an unofficial band for about 4 years now. We’d known each other and been very close friends since 2002. It’s actually been very on and off band-wise for quite sometime until just last February when our mutual friend of the same length of time, joined us. We really always knew it’d take a fourth guy to get it going properly, but we were too picky and no one was ever quite good enough. Joe fit the spot perfectly. It helps that he’s always been there with us through the years right under our noses. I guess it just was the right time for it all to come together!”

It’s an amazing debut that is quite solid from top to bottom in song writing, hooks, musicianship and production. It’s incredible that this is the quality of work that 4 young guys can produce from a bedroom “studio”.

You can hear a lot of influences here and I personally am reminded of Radiohead/Snow Patrol (“My Shell”), Evan Dando (“Clone Me”), Adam Franklin from Swervedriver’s solo work (“Live Peacefully”), Fleet Foxes and Wilco.

My only complaint, if you can call it that, is that it’s a bit long at 13 tracks. At first I thought it was a little disjointed but I think that there are very few weak tracks here and it’s impressive that Jailbox is able to showcase their songwriting versatility.

You can now buy Jailbox’s new album on iTunes here:


Jailbox on myspace & contact info


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