Resolve the “login not recognized” iPhone Comcast app error

I downloaded the Comcast iPhone application excited to see what, if anything, it had to offer. I’ve become a bit jaded with Comcast over the years due to the lack of a real technology push.

I’ve always wanted set top box built-in picture-in-picture and the ability to set my DVR from the internet or my phone. My parents, who live 3500 miles away, have Comcast and built-in PIP but it’s borderline useless. The small picture is stuck in middle third of the screen in the same position if you had it in the corner of a standard definition TV. At least they have it.

I opened the Comcast app and it wouldn’t recognize my login, which is my yahoo email address. I verified that I was using the correct login and pass yet the iPhone app still wouldn’t accept it.

I called Comcast and was initially told, “we only support login problems online and internet connection problems”. I explained to the rep that this was a Comcast provided service and she didn’t seem to understand that I wasn’t asking for support with my cell phone itself. After speaking with a manager, they found a buried ‘support request’ page for “comcast mobile”. I filled out this form and went to bed.

Today I tackled the problem again realizing that the support request I filled out last night might’ve been a complete waste of time. I figured that the iPhone app is requiring a email which I had never configured or used. I called Comcast again and we reset my email password and I verified that I could access it online.

A few minutes later I tried to login to the iPhone app using my email and it finally worked.

Comcast, please fix this problem and train your support staff.


One thought on “Resolve the “login not recognized” iPhone Comcast app error”

  1. I had the same issue, where i was trying to enter the application using my comcast login id (which was my hotmail ID). but in reality that is not at issue – but a requirement. To use the app or their SmartZone service online one has to have a username and password. If you look at their login screen it says on top – ‘User your username and password’. I guess its just a matter of communication.

    I wonder a lot of people are simply not aware of this cos they never used or had a ID.

    But really getting a ID is great, it gives you access to a lot of cool services on the web. And the app is simply awesome after they launched Voicemail push notifications and remote DVR

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