The Soft Pack

Recommended if you like: Japandroids, The Catherine Wheel (tell me that the above tune doesn’t sound remotely like “Show Me Mary”)

The Soft Pack are an indie rock band which formed in San Diego, California, United States in 2008. They consist of Matt Lamkin (vocals, guitar), Matty McLoughlin (guitar), David Lantzman (bass) and Brian Hill (drums). They were originally known as The Muslims and released one single and a 12” EP on 1928 Recordings under their previous name. As the Soft Pack they have released two EPs.

“The Soft Pack have been hogging the office stereo for the last couple of weeks now (well, until the unintentionally hilarious new Fun Lovin’ Criminals album came in). Here’s a previously leaked track from the LP that’ll demonstrate why.

Clocking in at barely two minutes, it’s one of those tunes that gets you playing it over and over.”

For more Soft Pack get ‘Answer To Yourself’ and ‘Call It A Day’ on previous posts here at NME…

Answer To Yourself

Call It A Day


2 thoughts on “The Soft Pack”

  1. Has a def Shout Out Loud vibe as well. Might have to give them a 3rd chance as seeing them twice opening for Friendly Fires and then Phoenix totally turned me off.

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