MOG introduces All Access on demand music for $5 a month

“Today MOG launched MOG All Access, a revolutionary new online music listening service unrivaled in quality and ease-of-use.

MOG All Access is the extraordinary music listening service we full-time music fans have always wanted. You can listen to just about every album and song you can imagine (about 6 million songs), all-you-can-eat and on-demand for just 5 bucks a month. Yeah, pretty much all the music you can get at your nearest record store, for the cost of parking. And no, we are not pulling your leg!

In a cybersea overpopulated with subpar machinery, MOG is your state-of-the-art periscope to the sublime. On-demand music is just the beginning of the MOG paradigm. We’re creating a league of our own with features like:

  • Personalized radio capabilities that put other online radio & satellite radio to shame
  • Easy playlist creation and cool tools for discovery and sharing
  • Sky-high quality streaming at 320 kbps…the highest sound quality in the industry

Highly regarded tech blog says “…it is a significantly better user experience than any other music service I’ve tried, including Spotify, MySpace Music and Pandora”.

Get the free trial right now, no strings attached:

Want to learn more before embarking on our fantastic voyage? See the video guided tour here and see for yourself why we’re so pumped about the service that’s changing the online music listening experience forever:”


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