The Catherine Wheel’s epic debut ‘Ferment’ to be re-released early 2010

the catherine wheelThe Catherine Wheel’s epic 1992 debut release Ferment will be re-released sometime early in 2010 by Cherry Red Records. [Latest rumor is March 30th] It will also include bonus tracks. [Rumored to include the full album plus the 30th Century Man EP along with Balloon and Intravenous. (Note that Intravenous just might be the greatest b-side ever!) It will be pressed with a 12-page booklet which contains new sleeves notes and writings from Rob, Dave, and Neil, along with pictures etc.]

Ferment contained the alternative rock hit ‘Black Metallic’ which has appeared on many “Top Alternative Songs of All-Time” lists.

Members of Interpol and Death Cab For Cutie have even credited The Catherine Wheel for influencing their musical careers.

“(Cherry Red) doesn’t tend to remix (or even remaster) much but just put out a ‘clean’ version of what was originally released plus contemporaneous singles/b-sides.”

“The guy who is managing this for Cherry Red seems to have contact with the band (I’m told that they choose the track listing and one or more of them will write sleeve notes) and aims to eventually re-release the complete catalog. Current target release date for Ferment is March but I’m sure that could slip by a while depending on how things come together; still, a reason to look forward to 2010 other than just the World Cup!

I’ll pass on any interesting news I get and will pester the label boss for the best possible release whenever I can – he is a fan so it really should be as good as they can make it.”


Track Listing:

1. Texture
2. I Wanna To Touch You
3. Black Metallic
4. Indigo Is Blue
5. She’s My Friend
6. Shallow
7. Ferment
8. Flower To Hide
9. Tumble Down
10. Bill And Ben
11. Salt
12. 30th Century Man (30th Century Man Ltd EP)
13. Free Of Mind (30th Century Man Ltd EP)
14. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (30th Century Man Ltd EP)
15. Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely (30th Century Man Ltd EP)
16. Balloon (Non-Album Single)
17. Intravenous (B-Side To Balloon Single)

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Edit (April 28, 2010):

Apparently, there is some debate going on about whether the reissue has been altered in any way. Cherry Red claims that it is merely a “reissue”;

“We have not altered or remixed any of the tracks in any way.”

Yet an audio comparison from the 1992 release and the new 2010 release clearly shows some difference in volume.

ferment analysis

The fan consensus is that Cherry Red took the original CD and copied the data, then increased the volume to make it louder. It’s highly doubtful that it was a proper and complete remaster because Cherry Red didn’t have access to the original tapes.

And one fellow Catherine Wheel fan claims, “the disc skips during That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”. I can’t say if it’s only his copy or if it’s an issue with all copies.

Also, “In the credits, track 14 is mistakenly listed twice boasting that Grant Hart wrote it when in fact he wrote track 15.”


11 thoughts on “The Catherine Wheel’s epic debut ‘Ferment’ to be re-released early 2010”

  1. Shoegaze is coming back with a vengence; Chapterhouse and Swervedriver on tour all we need now is a My Bloody Valentine new album and a reformed Ride and it will be world domination for shoegazing…

  2. This is great news! The release should be accompanied by a reunion show at The Palace or Palladium or…. If they announce it, many will come. Everyone knows that if CW was on the scene when Indie 103 dominated LA radio, they’d be selling out the entire globe. Brian is truly a great guitarist, deserves another shot in the spotlight!

    Make it happen, boys?!

  3. It’s about time, and long overdue! My vote for the most underrated band of the 90’s! And this album (along with the incredible Chrome) is simply a masterpiece. Still ahead of its time, too!

  4. I agree with Matt B. — you could have gone deeper in the vaults for more or older tracks. Catherine Wheel is one of my all time favorites.
    Also, the “Order Here” link is not working you need to put a ‘h’ at the front of the link address for http://

  5. “the disc skips during That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”

    Yeah! I have the same problem in my purchase. ¿A reissue? This is a big shit!

  6. So -any info about a reunion?! I completely agree with them being the most underrated band of the 90s. I need my Rob Dickinson fix. Does anyone know if he’s going to do another solo album?

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