Steve Wozniak likes Nine Inch Nails… but he likes Tetris more… way more.

This weekend we went down to Mountain View to see Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction. We went into the venue through the VIP gate and went up to the bar to get our drinks. We noticed that sitting down near the bar with a few friends was Steve Wozniak, Apple cofounder. We got our drinks and went on our way.

We walked across the venue to the other VIP bar and went down the ramp backstage. It was nothing special. Just a bunch of unknown people standing around chatting. The lone exception was Kevin Rose, founder.

The tour manager told us that Trent Reznor was getting ready to go on stage so we’d have to come back after the show. We walked back up the ramp to find our seats.

Our seats were in one of the box seat sections in the middle of the two reserved sections. We noticed that Steve Wozniak was seated right in front of us. We also noticed that he and his buddies were playing Tetris on a Gameboy. Somehow I noticed that Kevin Rose was seated behind us. I feel like nerd for knowing this but whatever… I work in tech… and know someone who works at Digg.

steve wozniak nine inch nails

Nine Inch Nails came on within five to ten minutes. I kid you not, Wozniak and his friends played Tetris for the ENTIRE SET! It was hysterical. He didn’t look up once.

steve wozniak nine inch nails

steve wozniak nine inch nails

Kevin Rose is in the black sweatshirt. Click on the photo to enlarge.

steve wozniak nine inch nails

After the NIN set we left our seats for backstage. We waited around casually for quite a while. Jane’s Addiction had taken the stage and we could see their set from the backstage televisions.

Eventually we were told that Trent Reznor was available so we were led back to his trailer. I have to admit Shoreline doesn’t keep the nicest of rooms for their guest. Very ugly 1970s wood paneling everywhere. We talked with Trent for a few minutes, took some pictures, and made our way back to our seats to pay our tab so we could leave before Jane’s Addiction finished their set.

At Nine Inch Nails with Trent Reznor

Back at our box, I noticed “WOZ” in large letters indicating Wozniak’s box in front of us. We also noticed that Wozniak was STILL playing Tetris. Probably through the entire concert except to eat.

steve wozniak at nine inch nails

steve wozniak nine inch nails


7 thoughts on “Steve Wozniak likes Nine Inch Nails… but he likes Tetris more… way more.”

  1. How did we get better seats than Kevin Rose? Check @Rob_Sheridan for more Tech-ie gathering amazement!

  2. I agree w/Woz, NIN performance was BORING and weak. Reznor’s voice sounded bad and couldn’t reach the notes. He looked bloated and drugged out and barely moved around the stage. It was a very low energy concert for the price. I doubt Reznor ever be the performer he was when he started out. All the money that can be thrown at him, with the PR machine and spin of it isn’t going to make him any better at performing – that has ended for him.

  3. Frank H. is the one on drugs.

    Reznor has been sober for several years and is in the best shape of his life…the only PR machine he has is he, himself.

    Boring and weak?! You must have been watching a different show.

  4. Frank H is on crack. Reznor isn’t bloated…he’s ripped. Dude is HUGE and in great shape. I also don’t think its fair to hold someone to an “energy standard” 20 years into their career. The dude is in his 40’s…cut him some slack. Not that their performance lacked anything anyway. They kicked ass start to finish.

  5. I can’t tell which dude in the first pic has the best hair. It’s a toss up.

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