CBS Flashpoint “Perfect Storm” song by Golden State

I just watched the CBS show Flashpoint for the first time tonight. Tonight’s episode, called “Perfect Storm”, really caught my attention at the end. The song during the ending was by Golden State. I hadn’t heard the song before but I recognized the voice.

James Grundler, the singer in Golden State, was also in a couple of other bands. The Din Pedals & PaloAlto. He is a fan of Radiohead and U2, which you can tell by his vocal style, but another band who he’s a huge fan of is The Catherine Wheel, whose first two albums are in my top 10 albums of all time.

I saw the Din Pedals play in San Francisco back in the 90s and it was obvious at the time that they drew some inspiration from The Catherine Wheel. Pick up the albums “Ferment” and “Chrome”. If I remember correctly, I even gave him a homemade cd I made of a bunch of Catherine Wheel b-sides. A friend of mine worked with the drummer, Alex. This was before Napster took off and popularized mp3s.

You can download the Golden State mp3 here from It was on the Henry Poole Is Here soundtrack.


4 thoughts on “CBS Flashpoint “Perfect Storm” song by Golden State”

  1. Hey, did you hear the song playing towards the beggining of the episode. Where the football guys are putting trash in the kidsw mouth and videotapping it. WHAT BAND IS THAT SINGING THAT SONG?????

  2. Thank you so much. Sometimes, it’s far too hard to find the names of songs played on TV.

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