John Lennon’s Jukebox (and thus his influences)

After seeing Paul McCartney perform last weekend, I’ve gained an interest in The Beatles and their influences. This is some of the interesting tidbits I’ve dug up.

John Lennon himself admits, via archival radio interviews. “In the early days, I would often write a melody, a lyric in my head to some other song because I can’t write music,” he explains. “I would carry it around as somebody else’s song and then change it when putting it down on paper, or down on tape – consciously change it because I knew somebody’s going to sue me or everybody’s going to say ‘what a rip off’…”

In 2004, an old jukebox was found that was previously owned by John Lennon. This jukebox contained 41 records (45s) that are thought to be very influential on Lennon’s music writing.

PBS had a special about this jukebox and they interviewed a lot of the artist who were in it. PBS link to show info

Songlist of those 41 records

If you have any interest, this youtube playlist has the majority of the contents of the PBS special.


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