Swervedriver special reissues

“Pre-Order the Swervedriver CD Reissues, Get a Free Ltd Autographed Poster & Swervie Raygun!

New Adam Franklin release named and dated.

Hi-Speed Soul (in conjunction with Second Motion) is reissuing Swervedriver’s classic debut and sophomore albums, “Raise” & “Mezcal Head” on compact disc. Completely remastered, rare bonus tracks added, & a 16 page booklet with liner notes from the band, these reissues are tastefully done and a must have for long time Swervedriver fans and newbies alike.

For a limited time while quantities last, they are offering a free autographed poster (made exclusively for these releases) and a reproduction Swervedriver raygun (aka squirt gun) like the promo item used back in the day.
Order up now and get the goods while available! You can pre-order from the link below. The package will ship in time for arrival by street date of Jan 20th.

Adam Franklin’s solo record “Spent Bullets” is slated for March 31st. Second Motion Records is putting that one out and Hi-Speed Soul is doing the Vinyl.
Second Motion Records will have preorders up for by Feb 15th and anyone buying that off my their will get the digital files and booklets for the record, Hi-Speed Soul is doing the same with the vinyl.
Second Motion Records will be selling vinyl of it too only on the site and with Adam at shows but Hi-Speed Soul is doing it for retail.
Second Motion Records is putting out the CD and will have song samples up by then too for people to check it out.


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