‘Cities’ – (recommended if you like: Interpol, The Killers, Editors)

cities music north carolinaI’ve been listening to this album since spring of 2006. Whenever these guys come on via shuffle, I always wonder, “What the hell is up with these guys?”. I have yet to see them pass through San Francisco and it’s been a while since they’ve released a new album. Their debut came out in April, 2006.

Then a remixed version came out soon after. It was remixed by Ladytron, Daedelus, Fog, and a host of other remixers who have tweaked the knobs to create a limited edition 8-song EP called, “Variations”. Sample it here.

“these cities boys are americas next great rock hope.” – the big takeover

“call me “patriotic” (or “pat” for short) but when I get a record in the mail like the one by this new band cities, it does my american heart proud … if you dig epic sounds like early-radiohead, interpol, and sunny day real estate, you’d best check them out.” – jane magazine

“Cities have a bone to pick with those hipster highbrows focusing their attention across the pond. The band’s self-titled Yep Roc debut slices through Brit-influenced post-punk with mid-90’s, layered guitar rock, and the organic, indie aesthetic. Produced by Brian Paulson (Beck, Superchunk, Wilco, Rosebuds)” -Pitchforkmedia.com


Check it out at Amazon here


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