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Adorable are easily in my top 5 of unknown bands…

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Footnotes 92-94 | Pitchfork Pitchfork

Footnotes 92-94
[Cherry Red; 2008]
Rating: 7.2
With their debut, Against Perfection, released at the tail end of the shoegazer era and just before the height of Britpop hysteria, Adorable arguably straddled both genres– yet were embraced by neither. Throughout the remainder of their short career, they’d have to settle for mere admiration while their more genre-conformist peers enjoyed wider recognition both critically and commercially. None of that was the band’s fault: There’s nothing willfully difficult about Adorable, the most overtly pop band to have been classified as shoegaze.

Footnotes 92-94– which culls 18 tracks from the band’s early EPs and two full-lengths, the aforementioned Against Perfection and the sadly neglected follow-up, Fake– represents the first attempt to give this band its much-belated due. Footnotes opens with early single “Sunshine Smile”, which with its radiant guitar lead and whooshing chorus pegged them early as shoegazer disciples. While it’s the track Adorable is remembered for, it also captures the band in its least-inspired and most embryonic form.

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This was from pitchforkmedia.


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