solar powered people

Based in the center on the central valley, about an hour east of San Francisco, Solar Powered People have been making a name for themselves throughout California and everywhere else for that matter. This four-piece rock/shoegaze band consists of members: Tony Pennington, Ryan Coscia, Douglass McKinnon, and Dustin Morris. Over the years these four have played in many different projects such as Long Division, Scenic Route, Fiver, Apollo Trigger and Running Riot to name just a few.

Now together and feeling the mixture of influences and experiences, they have finally found themselves in Solar Powered People. The music is rich with atmosphere and space; the drums have a certain hypnotizing drone to them while the bass lines provide a perfect backbone and regiment which brings all of the elements into one solid beast. Some might say Solar Powered People pull influences from bands like The Cure, Failure, Sunny Day Real Estate, Joy Division and Boards of Canada among others.

Their first self-titled album is set to be released in the Summer of 2007. The album was recorded and mixed in Sacramento by Matt McCord (The Deftones, Team Sleep, Cake).


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