The Harpeth Trace

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The Harpeth Trace

A prevalent veneration for the past can certainly be detrimental to an artist’s work if their techniques are either outdated or generic, but holding such a high esteem for successful precedents can also prove to be quite beneficial when the artist maintains a constant yearning for innovation and quality. This is especially true in the field of music, where artists can flawlessly imitate a style performed regularly over 40 years ago due to the technological resources we have today. Many musicians and fans alike feel that this modernistic advantage causes some artists to overly regard style over substance (the actual songwriting) and this is very true, but it also reminds us how important songwriting and natural chemistry is in appliance to the creation of music. With many computer programs that replicate reverb, droning, and other aspects of audible production with names of presets that are precisely indicative of certain glaring genres like “dream-pop”, “shoegaze”, and “hard rock”, it is not entirely difficult for budding artists today to attempt any style and the accustomed method of production within it. This can be a productive measure for the sake of accessibility because music fans can now pursue songwriting and realistically attempt to sound like their valued influences. Its detriment, however, arrives in the fact that many may regard it too highly and dismiss the importance of songwriting and creativity altogether.

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