Quagmire – We Know We Don’t Know

The following is from, Built on a Weak Spot

Quagmire – We Know We Don’t Know Got to give props to Andrew over at Aversion for alerting me to this release from Sweden’s Quagmire (aka: QGMR). I had no idea that the band was releasing a new album so I was extremely surprised and excited to see a post about them and their recent release We Know We Don’t Know out now on Groupsounds. I remember hearing their first album Quiet is Not Loud a couple or so years ago and thinking it was pretty solid but I mistakenly didn’t keep tabs on the band afterwards. I doubt that will be happening again. But oh well, makes for a very nice surprise in ’08 and I definitely could use a few of those.

Having formed in the late nineties, Quagmire has put out two full-lengths now along with a couple or so singles and two EP’s. On We Know We Don’t Know the band once again successfully fuses together influences of post-punk and the good old days of post-hardcore. Compared to their debut there isn’t a considerable difference here music wise, however the production on the new record definitely allows the band to shine a bit more by opening up the guitars that were sometimes a bit overshadowed before due to the muffled rumble of bass. There is a lot of interesting guitar interaction going on between the two guitarists that gives We Know We Don’t Know a huge boost. Quagmire is a band that obviously has a taste for some of the past Dischord catalog and they absolutely do it justice here on their latest effort. This is a no brainer for fans of post-hardcore/punk.

Quagmire – Pre-emptive Retaliation [MP3]
Quagmire – No Language [MP3]

The band has actually released the album for free online over at their website. However, for those that would like to get their hands on an actual copy of the album then head on over to Groupsounds.

This was from Built on a Weak Spot.


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