Pitchfork.tv: Indian Jewelry: “Swans” [Video Premiere]

The following is from, Pitchfork Media – Today

Pitchfork.tv: Indian Jewelry: “Swans” [Video Premiere]

Houston pedal-pushers Indian Jewelry meld the noisy atmospherics of shoegaze, the druggy languor of Spacemen 3, and the portentous tribal drones of Drum’s Not Dead-era Liars on “Swans”, from 2008 album “Free Gold!”. In other words, judging by sound alone (the lyrics are mostly indecipherable, anyway), the track is more likely to be about its namesake band than its namesake bird. Directed by Ivan Shumaker, the video makes the most of its arid, apocalyptic desert setting, lingering lovingly over scrub-brushed hills and naked dunes. Long shadows fall over the band members, who play solemnly, wearing shades and/or Native American-style garb, beneath a threatening, almost alien cloudscape. There will not be blood, but there will be strobes.

Pitchfork.tv page with embed code is here.

[from “Free Gold!”; out now on We Are Free]

This was from Pitchfork Media – Today.


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