1000 Robota

“A few short and crazy months after the release of their first EP “Hamburg brennt?, 1000 Robota are back with their first full length release: “Du nicht er nicht sie nicht? (“Not You Not Him Not Her?). Although these kids sing in their native German, the band has already played sold out solo gigs in London clubs, had a feature in ZOO Magazine, write-ups in NME and loads of praise from everyone including bands like the Klaxons to The Horrors. And that’s not to mention the frenzy they’ve created in their homeland, Germany.

„….darkly addictive birthday party floor-killers that don’t allow language barriers to get in the way.“ Helena Gee, NME, UK

Hm. Weird. What is it about these guys that makes them special even to an English crowd who don’t understand a word of what they’re singing/shouting about? Maybe it’s the almost primal energy that comes from the band’s recordings and especially live shows which speak of the anger, frustration, dreams and ideals that are universally understood by everyone who’s ever been young and restless.

Anton Spielmann (18, guitar and vocals), Sebastian Muxfeldt (17, bass) and Jonas Hinnerkort (18, drums and vocals) had been playing mindless band battles in and around their hometown Hamburg’s St. Pauli district when they got picked up by the folks at tapete records, one of Germany’s premier Indies, in 2007. Since then, everything went berserk. Taking time off from an already punishing live schedule, “Du nicht er nicht sie nicht? was recorded mostly live at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg in the space of 10 days, in between school and still more live gigs. The album is loud, aggressive and alarmingly direct. The 10 songs are unlike anything heard in Indie-land Germany at this point. Simply no one sounds like them.

Some might hear slight traces of early 80’s avant-garde German Pop (Palais Schaumburg anyone?), others Wire or The Fall, and yeah, current U.K indie contenders, too, but actually … what the hell. Call it what you will. So, if you understand the lyrics, good for you (cause they are poignant, important and different!), if not … „I will be at the front singing along without having a clue what it means.? (Helena Gee NME, UK). That’ll do just fine, too.”



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