New albums from Crystal Stilts & Cause Co-Motion!

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New albums from Crystal Stilts & Cause Co-Motion!

Slumberland once again brings the goods, as we get to sample a couple of upcoming releases, including that of Brooklyn buzz band Crystal Stilts.  The first time I listened to their mini LP, I wasn’t exactly singing its praises afterwards, as it’s the sort of thing that you really have to let grow on you.  This dense, lo-fi sound isn’t exactly welcoming at first, with drowned out guitars and droney vocals that echoes the likes of Joy Division, just a lot more poppier.  Poppier you ask? Yes, which is the defining characteristic that made me come around on them.  It’s what makes the songs work as a whole, and would otherwise be rather raw and unlistenable in my opinion.  Plus, this is Slumberland we’re talking about here, so it has to have some pop to it – just don’t expect any notions of twee here.

MP3: Crystal Stilts :: ‘Shattered Shine’

The other release from the label is of fellow Brooklynites Cause Co-Motion! called It’s Time!, a compilation of singles that have been released over the past three years across a handful of different labels.  Now this is just straight up janglepop awash in reverb that’s simply just fun to listen to.  It has that DIY post-punk aesthetic, with each song being quick and to the point, while never going over the two-minute mark.

MP3: Cause Co-Motion! :: ‘Which Way Is Up?’

Both albums will be released on October 28, along with the two bands who are currently in the midst of a tour together that runs through early November.

Oct. 23 New York, NY Pianos (Force Field PR CMJ Showcase)
Nov. 01 San Diego, CA Che Cafe
Nov. 02 Los Angeles, CA The Echo / Part Time Punks
Nov. 03 Oakland, CA House of Nostromo
Nov. 04 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
Nov. 05 Sacramento, CA Luigi’s Fun Garden
Nov. 06 Eugene, OR Samurai Duck
Nov. 07 Portland, OR Holocene
Nov. 08 Olympia, WA The Big Room
Nov. 09 Seattle, WA Chop Suey

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