Music Review: Jesu – Why Are We Not Perfect

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Music Review: Jesu – Why Are We Not Perfect

Music Review: Jesu – Why Are We Not Perfect
Written by Jordan Richardson
Published October 16, 2008
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Jesu’s Why Are We Not Perfect is an ambient cloud of an EP, featuring swirling waves of sound and noise that calm the spirit.

The EP is basically designed to tide over fans of the Justin Broadrick-led experimental/ambient/drone/shoegaze band until the release of a new full length. It is composed of five tracks, three of which were previously available on Broadrick’s 12-inch split record with Eluvium. The other two tracks are remixes.

Much has been made of Jesu’s previous work in the music nerd circles I so stylishly attempt to frequent. The self-titled full-length from 2004 achieved critical acclaim for its attention to thick sludge details. It was Conqueror from 2007, however, that really sealed the deal for most fans. Broadrick and his band achieved the sound of “indie metal,” pulling encrusted drone and ambient effects along for the ride on a surprisingly melodic album.”

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