Headless Heroes

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Headless Heroes
Much in the same vein as this year’s other time-quake mixtape, Vetiver’s Thing of the Past, Headless Heroes’ album of covers attempts to knit disjointed past influences and lost gems together into one singular voice echoing from the past. Though this collection was dreamed up by Eddie Bezale; it’s definitely his wisely chosen vocalist, RSTB fave Alela Diane, that steals the show here. Bezale’s choices are no less varied or inspired than that of his counterpart in crate digging, Andy Cabic. The collection careens from such disparate sources as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Nick Cave to more obvious kindred spirits Linda Perhacs and Vashti Bunyan. The most surprising factor in this project is that Bezale had the idea long before he’d ever even heard Alela sing a note. Reportedly putting together the band and stumbling on her through Myspace. Well the lucky stumble proved to be well in his favor, and though the tone of these songs doesn’t always come close to her arresting originals, it’s definitely her voice that takes The Silence of Love from mixtape to a more refined vision.

[MP3] Headless Heroes – To You
[MP3] Headless Heroes – Just Like Honey

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This was from raven sings the blues.


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