Should – Feed Like Fishes

Feed Like Fishes is Should’s first full-length record — an album of noisy, sedate, and minimal pop songs. Falling somewhere between shoegazer, slowcore, and postrock, Feed Like Fishes is a wonderfully complicated record that echoes the sounds of Yo La Tengo, Slowdive, Bedhead, and Galaxie 500. The album also includes Should’s take on The Wedding Present song “Spangle.”

should - feed like fishesThe album begins with “Fish Fourteen,” a fuzzed-out lo-fi instrumental inspired by Colin Newman’s instrumental solo record, Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish. “Sarah Missing” fits perfectly with the work on Should’s A Folding Sieve album, with its unforgettable vocal chorus awash in shoegazing delight.

“It Still Would” and “It’s Pull Is Slight” are moderately-paced indie rock tunes that bring to mind Bedhead, the latter song featuring a parade of bells throughout its extended coda.

“Memdrive” encircles whispered vocals with gliding bass and guitar lines in the spirit of Main’s early work. Should also explore Apollo-era Brian Eno on “Inst2” substituting heavy analog-delayed guitar notes for Eno’s keyboards.

“Both Eyes Open” ends the record with a nod to the melodious, delicate side of Yo La Tengo with Marc and Tanya’s coupled vocals going down as sweet as sugar.

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