Premiere: Asobi Seksu: “Me & Mary” [Stream]

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Premiere: Asobi Seksu: “Me & Mary” [Stream]:

It will be interesting to see how the current crop of shoegazers responds to the sudden reemergence this past year of a certain dondaddy of yesterday’s scene (hint: rhymes with ‘Sigh Cruddy Palin Line’). For their part, Asobi Seksu— frequently cited as one of that current crop’s leading lights, particularly in the wake of 2006 offering Citrus— come out swinging with a few new tricks on this, the first single from the Brooklyn combo’s forthcoming third album.

‘Mary’ wastes no time asserting itself, and packs plenty into its three minutes and change. Sure, there’s gloss and layers and parts that shimmer and sparkle, but the band employs a few non-gaze tactics as well, chief among them singer Yuki Chikudate’s relatively untreated and quite audible vocal. Most enticing here, however, is Asobi’s approximation of the propulsive rhythm that helps make certain tracks by that other band– ‘You Never Should’, ‘You Made Me Realise’– such an exhilarating listen.

Indeed, rather than continuing to hold our breath for that one guy (rhymes with ‘Heaven Yields’) to finally deliver some new material doomed to fall flat in the face of impossibly high expectations, we might do well to breathe in this little track instead– at the very least it should make for a nice headrush.

[from the ‘Me & Mary’ single, due 11/18/08 in the U.S. on Polyvinyl and 11/17/08 in Europe on One Little Indian]

This was from Pitchfork Media – Today.


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