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Playing at Hotel Utah w/ Pacific UV on Oct. 11, 2008

America’s Finest: Swirly Whirly Good Times”You’d think that because Dreamtiger plays dreamy, shoegazer music it wouldn’t be very San Diego. But even though there’s a lot of similarity to the Cocteau Twins’ floaty harmonies, the band doesn’t give off one of those “We’re tyring to be British” vibes. Still, it’s not easy to find a local comparison. It’s been a while since we got any shoegazer type music sent over here. So it’s a pleasant surprise that this five-song EP is full of lush, atmospheric songs. There are pretty melodies and boy-girl harmonies making it easy to get lost into. But what’s surprising is that as soft as the music appears on the surface, there’s an undertone of toughness thanks to heavy guitars and strong vocals.” San Diego Union Tribune

“Dreamtiger is a band better described through poetic devices than through comparisons. Their first EP entitled Glisten is an ambient creation swathed in reverb and within the first line, becomes the soundtrack to indie romance. Track one, Heard Inside the Sun floats with far vocals and close sentiments. In track two, Waves and Tides, singer James Meetze keeps the ocean idyllic and new with the lyrics: Three words to believe in not just these/ too tall we swell. The simple chord arrangements allow the songs to explore a more ethereal undertow. Blue June Sun is the most playful track on this lush EP with ba ba’s and a sneaky dance beat that you don’t notice until your shoulders are moving. The last two tracks, Fragile Girl and Rosalind make the listener proud to be staring at their shoes with pieces of lost love projected onto a widescreen wall of noise. The sweeping space and the remnants of their English predecessors go down like cream on this debut EP. Dreamtiger will soon have us all reconstructing the worlds inside our heads.” — The Loudest Guffaw

“Gorgeous, celestial dreampop melodies with lazy boy/girl vocal harmonies. Blissful, widescreen, melodic song structures stretch out over the course of this EP’s 5 tracks.” Tonevendor

“At these temperatures, who doesn’t dream of refreshing waves which wash over and wash one away? California’s Dreamtiger provides here enough volume to give refreshment–their seas of guitar break up just enough to let one think–like a day at the seaside. Obviously occupied with classic 90s groups, with Slowdive and 4AD bands, they dutifully recreate that dreamy, floating atmosphere. It is in these days that Dreamtiger’s debut EP “Glisten” appears.” Coast is Clear (Germany)

“These Californian shoegazers create an atmosphere that fits their name perfectly; imagine wandering through a dream filled with surreal images and overexposed colors, confronting images unnatural and eerie, and you’ll get the gist of their sound. It’s ambient, atmospheric music you can sink into…a soundtrack to your evening that’ll make you feel like the coolest person at the party.” Mary Rehak / Chillville 101X Austin, TX


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