Spoon, J Mascis Do Dandy Warhols Charity Project

Spoon, J Mascis Do Dandy Warhols Charity Project: “

In the spirit of that wacky Crisis Consequences thing and a thousand drunken late-night conversations about which band totally ought to jam out with which other band, Portland trailblazers the Dandy Warhols have lifted the curtain on an ambitious collaborative project called Breathe Easy.

The gist is this: the Dandys, in possession of a rather nice recording studio/communal jam space called the Odditorium, have spent the past year or so inviting various bands into said studio to record song parts or build upon backing tracks provided by other bands.

The end result of the first Breathe Easy endeavor– which was touched upon briefly in a recent Swervedriver story– will be a series of 12 completed tracks united by ‘the emotion, [and] the spontaneity that comes from collaboration and inspiration.’ At least, so reads the project description.

Whether any of these tracks will actually be worth listening to is another matter all together, but at least proceeds from sales of the songs– the first of which is due to hit MySpace Music and other yet-to-be-named digital outlets on October 21– go to the Three Rivers Land Conservancy, which ‘works to conserve and preserve land by the Clackamas, Tualatin, and lower Willamette Rivers [in Oregon] against urbanization.’

What’s more, the list of participants revealed thus far holds promise. It includes Spoon, J Mascis, David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), the aforementioned Swervedriver, the Raveonettes, the Black Angels, the Kooks, Saul Williams, and Midnight Movies, among others. We’re told to expect quite a few more acts as the project continues, but in the meantime you can get a peek at the process in the ‘Breathe Easy’ trailer video below.

As for the Dandys, they wrap up a North American tour this weekend, and hit up Australia, the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe in the months to come.

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